Monday, April 6, 2015

Open letter to congress on the renewal of the Patriot Act

Good morning congresspeople,

I am writing to emphasize the serious concerns arising due to the upcoming renewal of the Patriot act (due for renewal on June 1). Specifically, I would like to emphasize concerns with section 215. I find it incredibly broadly worded, and am worried about the consequences - especially concerning the privacy of US citizens.

In the upcoming process to renew it, please work with your congressional colleagues to eliminate this section, and replace it with specific enumerated powers for the NSA with regards to data collection. I strongly feel that those powers should be minimal. Ideally this would mean that they could not collect data without a warrant for data pertaining to a specific individual.

Even if the surveillance powers need to be much broader, I still urge you to work to enumerate such powers specifically rather than leave a broadly worded statement in the law.

Thank you for your time,
Peter Solfest